Purrcy’s Sunday Scoop – Adoptions, Elk Updates, Weight Loss and Admirers

11228126_850779335005371_5469281443367621724_nYes, it’s Sunday Morning again (sooo soon) and that means it’s time for another Purrcy’s Sunday Scoop….

Even though, as you can see, I am just buried under paperwork I do have a lot to share today, I just have to open my eyes and get with it.

First is an update on Amazing George (also known as Snuggle Bug). He is now eating, Lorraine is jumping with joy at seeing his little head in the food bowl eating his AD prescription food.

11781866_850779541672017_4647371303324795851_nAmazing George also had some visitors last Wednesday, it was a beautiful reunion of two of his guardian angels, Kathryn and Pat who day after day and night after night fed the 19 kitties after the tragic fire in Elk. They were so happy to see him improving, he was so matted and sick they did not think he would last the night the day he was rescued, now he is purring and eating.


15 of the 19 Elk cats went to the Stevens County Cat Care spay/neuter clinic last Sunday. Their severely matted coats were shaved, they were spayed/neutered, vaccinated and each was checked by a veterinarian. They look so cute in their new Lion cuts. They are now starting on a new road to a new life. These cats will never really know all the love, prayers and sacrifice that went into their survival during the month after the fire, a neighborhood of women who pulled together to save their lives.


We had some great adoptions this week. Little Carmel and Brindle were adopted and went home to start their new life with new sister’s Mattie and Ellie, now that is what I would call a house full of Chihuahua’s. They are going to be spoiled, I Purrcy who knows all, can just see it now.

11220927_850795935003711_5946855213446970676_n11800512_850798655003439_1847738386459971796_nLittle Amy went home with her new family on the same day. This is also a new forever home made in heaven, love at first sight. Wednesday was definitely small dog adoption day. Have I ever mentioned how noisy small dogs are!!! Now maybe I can get some sleep.

11800278_850801778336460_1755229322134030543_nOMG what a scare I had..I sat on the scale and I lost a pound!!! I am now just a little over 11 lbs. OMG where is the food!!!… I could starve. This is all Becca’s fault…she keeps me just too busy.. I am constantly burning calories, I need to slow down!!



A big hunky muscular kitty like me should weigh at LEAST 14lbs…maybe even 16lb…Becca tells me I am dreaming…. No one understands me.


Ahhh, that’s better…I need to learn to pace myself so as not to burn so many calories and to stop every few minutes (between jobs) to recharge with a little snack…


These are my Emergency Rations…just in case Becca overworks me again.

I am sure you all saw our posting the other day about the senior dog that was found on Bodie Mountain Rd and Onion Creek Rd… well she was found again, this time running down the highway where she nearly got hit. Some kind people picked her up and brought her to us yesterday. She is an older girl who needs some real TLC.. She is keeping Becca company for now, We just never know from day to day when an animal is going to come through our doors needing help.

11826000_850807435002561_7473350734145581241_nI have admirers!… to prove it, just look at this big, beautiful bouquet of CATNIP just for me!! Yes, Jim loves me and really… what is not to love?…. It is so hard to be humble….thank you Jim

11781637_850808805002424_1586299394962918962_nWell it’s break-time, this reporting really drains me, I think I need to refuel….anyway, Purrcy over and out until next Sunday…

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Purrcy’s Sunday Scoop – I was NOT Stoned!

1Gooood Sunday Morning! And once again it is time for Purrcy’s Sunday Scoop.

We are still in a tail-spin dealing with the Elk Rescues but we are so glad they are here. Some were sicker than others – Amazing George and Peabody, were the worst – but all are being treated and we expect full recoveries. Hope to get updated pictures soon. Those that are well enough will be going to the spay/neuter clinic today.

I feel badly that I neglected to mention some wonderful women that were also involved in the Elk Rescue, Kathryn Kemp who spent the entire time since the fire going out late at night to feed and see if they were safe. And Cindy Knutson from POSNA, that is Pawsitive Outreach Spay/Neuter Alliance’. She has been a huge help trapping – with not only the Elk rescue but other rescues as well. These cats truly were watched over by guardian angels. We could never have accomplished their rescue so successfully without so much help.


3Just to let everyone know I am personally watching over all these amazing donations. I like to divide them up as to where they are going. Canned food – two cans for me and one can for the Elk kitties, two bags of dry food for me, one for all the other shelter kitties…

4The Elk kitties were not the only ones to be rescued. We also rescued 3 more little kittens from Aladdin Rd. in Colville. Becca was busy again checking them over, worming and vaccinating. We still have 40 more cats on our waiting list needing to come to the Sanctuary!

5I’ve been feeling so neglected and unloved because everyone is so busy…I found a way for Becca to notice me…hee..hee…..Yep, she sure did notice me when she came in one morning and there I was in my usual elegant sitting pose with all the syringes scattered on the floor and things knocked off the shelf…she said I was throwing a tantrum… I would never do that!


I am NOT Stoned!

Last Thursday a very kind person brought some freshly picked Catnip to the shelter.. I did get a little carried away I admit, but Becca said I was STONED and was just sprawled out on the floor in a trance. Cindy (volunteer) kept having to step over me so she could get her work done…. It’s nice to know that I have everyone so well-trained there’s no need to move…. =^..^=


8Well I am exhausted now. I know I did not have too much in the way of news today, sometimes everyone is so busy I don’t get updates. I promise to make up for it next Sunday. Time to nap!

Purrcy over and out.

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Purrcy’s Sunday Scoop – Elk, Wa. Cat Rescue

11703171_844491542300817_3478897759238827329_nGood Morning….Yes it’s that time again…Purrcy’s Sunday Scoop.

If you are a follower of our Facebook page then you are probably familiar with this rescue, we have been updating on the cats for the past few days. After hours of investigative work I have finally been able to piece together the whole story on our Elk rescue cats.

About a month ago there was a house fire in Elk, WA where sadly the owner of the home perished in the fire. Also on this property lived several cats that were being fed and sheltered by the owner.

Immediately after the fire, three very caring neighbors – Cindy, Jackie and Pat- tried to help the cats by making sure they were fed. But the cost of feeding all these cats soon became overwhelming so they reached out to the Sanctuary to see if we could help with food and somehow help them re-home these cats.

Lorraine is one of Stevens County's amazing Guardian Angels for all animals (but especially cats) in need.

Lorraine is one of Stevens County’s amazing Guardian Angels for all animals (but especially cats) in need.

Lorraine, one of our truly amazing volunteers, went to Elk to meet with the neighbors to see how we could help. From what Lorraine could tell there were about 15 to 20 cats in need of help. A plan was formed to trap the cats before the next spay/neuter clinic on July 26th, however circumstances quickly changed and this became an emergency situation because the property was scheduled to be cleared on July 16th. That meant that any shelter the cats had would be removed.

On Tuesday night July 14th , Lorraine, with her SUV loaded with live traps met the neighbors, and with traps that Cindy also provided, trapping began. Because of the great team work of these ladies 15 cats were trapped. On Wednesday morning Lorraine called letting us know that the first load of cats would be arriving at the sanctuary by noon. At this time everyone started putting together the enclosure they would all go into. Crates with blankets, litter boxes, food and water had just been put in place when Lorraine arrived with the first group of 15 cats.

Becca and Linda unloading 15 of the Elk cats as they arrived at the Sanctuary

Becca and Linda unloading 15 of the Elk cats as they arrived at the Sanctuary

IMG_4043aAs soon as all the cats were settled Lorraine was off again to check the traps for more cats. A total of 19 cats, including one mother with a new litter of 6 kittens and one very pregnant kitty were all rescued. The traps were left with food just in case a cat had been missed, as of this morning (Saturday) the traps remain empty, so we are hoping that we have not left anyone behind.


The enclosure that they will stay in for a while.

Once the cats were brought to the shelter we got a good look at them. They are all very, very thin, extremely matted and will need to be shaved to prevent skin damage, some are pregnant, and most are sick. There’s one with an awful looking eye, some with extreme Upper Respiratory Infections – they are in such poor condition that many of their problems will require veterinary care. They all need to be spayed/neutered, and we would like to do Snap testing for fiv/felv on all of them, but that’s really expensive. They are all very scared and bewildered and so are not very friendly yet so evaluations are happening slowly.


IMG_4061aThe nursing mother was so traumatized that she would not care for her kittens so one of our sweet foster lady’s took them home and is now busy feeding the little guys every 2 hours round the clock. They are maybe a 7 to 10 days old. Hopefully momma cat can eventually take over the care of her kittens again.


Week old litter of kittens from the Elk property. Their mom was too traumatised to care for them so they are being fed and cared for by one of our wonderful foster moms – every 2 hours around the clock.

11731710_844494262300545_7143004929657550187_oOne old senior girl that was trapped had to go to Lorraine’s house as she was too sick to go to the Sanctuary and it was not known if she would live through the night. Once at Lorraine’s home fluids were started because she was so dehydrated, she was also force fed with a syringe of AD, a high calorie, nutritious, prescription canned cat food. It was not sure she would live through the night, but when morning arrived and she was alive and maybe just a pinch better, she was named Amazing Grace…. The mats were so bad that her whole body was bound tightly in one solid hair mass making it difficult for her to move properly. Last night was spent with scissors and brushes getting this whole mat of hair off her. It was then discovered that Amazing Grace was really Amazing George!

amazing grace1I know you might be thinking that taking 19 more cats and kittens should not be a big deal for a sanctuary, however we were already caring for close to 100 cats and kittens, bringing in 19 more who needed such immediate care was pushing our facility, volunteers, food and medical supplies to the extreme.

There are no words to express our gratitude for the rapid response we received from very caring individuals and organizations not just in Washington State but beyond. We had hoped and prayed for a little help, what we received was nothing short of a miracle. We know that these cats will most likely be with us for a long while as they are treated for their health issues, gain weight and heal both physically and mentally and start on the road to a new life. Thank you for coming to our rescue when we so desperately needed you.

Purrcy Out

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I Think I Saved My Dog!

zoie kitso snuggled on chairI have no idea if I really just did what I think I just did, but I think I did! I was cleaning out the refrigerator and saw a fair amount of leftover meatloaf that I couldn’t bear to throw away, so I divided it up for our three dogs. Big mistake.

I called, they came running, and in their eagerness to wolf down each cold chunk in hopes of getting more before the next dog might, Zoie, our smallest at about 35 pounds, choked. Big time. I have had dogs all of my life and have never seen a serious choke like this before in a dog.

Within seconds she began to stagger about and then fell over on her side, frantically kicking at the air with a terrified look on her face.

While I could scarcely believe what I was seeing, my first-aid training kicked in and so of course the first thing I did was ask, “Are you ok, are you ok?” Obviously she didn’t answer. She’s a dog. And besides, she WAS choking and couldn’t answer. For a split second I thought about doing a finger sweep, in hopes of dislodging whatever might be in her mouth or throat, but instinctively knew the meatloaf had to be too far down her throat for that to work.

So I jerked her to her feet, and standing behind/above her, half lifted her to her hind legs and began trying to do the Heimlich Maneuver on her. It wasn’t easy. She’s a dog, she’s small, her rib cage is longer in proportion to her body than a humans so she kept trying to fall forward, which meant I wasn’t sure I was even doing ‘the thrust’ in the right spot. But, after three serious thrusts, while the chunk of meatloaf didn’t go flying across the room like in the lifesaving Heimlich videos, it did come up enough to where she suddenly spit gagged it out!

She was no more relieved than I was, as she staggered across the floor, ears and tail down as far as nature allows, with a totally pathetic look on her bewhiskered little face. I watched her for a few minutes more, but she was obviously breathing fine now. I let the dogs out into the back yard where I hoped to get her mind off her near death experience. While she remained a bit subdued for quite some time, the sunshine and butterflies eventually reminded her that life is good.

So while I cannot swear that MY efforts saved her, she is none the less alive. I’d do it again in a heartbeat if ever the need arose. I can also tell you I will cut smaller portions in the future before I hand out left overs to my salivating trio of competing gluttons!

by Linda Spurlin – Volunteer and board member for Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary and the Stevens County Cat Care Clinic

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