“DIY – Feral Cat Shelter”

Both Nancy (CVAS), and Linda (SCCC), wanted me to remind you to be sure and give that little bit of extra care needed for this time of year.  Extra food and a dry place to sleep go a long way towards ‘critter comfort’.  Linda supplied the following simple instructions for a great little shelter:

A few key points to remember:

  1. Make the opening up high enough that as the snow gets deeper, snow, or water resulting from it melting, will not seep inside.

2.  Camouflage, or hide, your shelters well enough so as not to be
real visible to curious neighbor kids or to those who are opposed to
people feeding stray cats.

3.  Use straw, or even wood shavings, for bedding. Straw doesn’t
soak up and hold water the way blankets do. Towels and blankets get
wet quickly and then stay wet…and cold. A cold wet bed is just as bad,
if not worse, than no bed at all.

4.  Keep it small enough so that the cat has a hope of retaining
body heat inside it. Although cats do appreciate the dry shelter of a
large dog house, they cannot generate enough heat to be warm in it.

5. If you put feral shelters against a building, don’t put them on
the side where the snow will slide off and bury them…and the cats.

6.  A purrfect round hole for the opening is easier than you’d
think. Just cut the end out of an old coffee can and set the can, open
end down, directly on your cook stove burner. Set the Rubbermaid
tub on end, squished solidly between you and the stove or kitchen
counter. When the coffee can gets really hot, grab it (with your oven
mitts on) and quickly push it against the Rubbermaid tub. It will melt a
purrfect hole right through!

You can visit P.A.C.T Humane Society to read the original article.



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