Featured Dog

Meet Zachary!

Zachary looking noble and handsome!

Zachary is the cutest little thing! He is just 4 months old, we think he’s a corgi/chihuahua mix so he will remain small when full grown. Zachary was found wandering along the hwy. no collar, no microchip… He was already neutered and he is house broken.

Now I can hear you thinking, “he’s so cute but oh my goodness! What is wrong with his eye”?!?!  Well, it appears that Zachary has a congenital cataract, but please don’t hold it against him!
We have taken him to an ophthalmologist in Spokane and were told that he has a congenital problem which is behind the cornea of the eye, which is why the eye is opaque.  This cannot be fixed with surgery.  There are drops that can help shrink the opaqueness in the eye, which we are now putting in everyday. The Dr. said sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. The eye does not need to be removed unless it every really starts to bother him.  Zachary may need to visit the eye Dr. again, but it would not normally be necessary because she said that there really is not much that can be done, this is just something Zachary will have to live with.
she said that if the eye drops help, they should be continued. It doesn’t seem to bother him, he is a happy playful little guy, his eye just doesn’t look so great…but then, we all have flaws right? They enhance our character! Who knows, he might have been a pirate dog in a former life!

Zachary hopes you will see beyond his poopy eye, and into his real lovable, playful, happy self and come visit him at the Sanctuary. Once he gets you there, he knows that he can worm his way right into your heart! He’s got it all planned out!

Adopt Zachary Today!

Pat Lowe, Dog Adoption Coordinator
Phone: 509-675-2539
Sanctuary Voice Mail: 509-684-1475
Email: dogs@colvillevalleyanimalsanctuary.com



Meet Cyrus!

photo of our featured dog Cyrus

This is Cyrus's serious side...

Cyrus is a fun-loving 2 year old pure-bred Pointer. The breeder had given Cyrus to his mother when he was just a puppy. She was elderly and not really able to keep up with an active puppy, so Cyrus didn’t receive any training other than a few very basic things. He is neutered and current on all his vaccinations. He is also crate trained.

Cyrus is very well behaved and so full of energy! He absolutely loves tennis balls! He gets along very well with other dogs and cats and is fantastic with people. Cyrus will make a wonderful companion, he needs a bit of obedience training, but is eager to please so he will learn quickly.

Photo of Cyrus with ball in mouth

and this is Cyrus's playful side!

He would fit in perfectly with an active family, or with training, would make a great hunting companion. Cyrus is not happy at the shelter, he is so eager to become a beloved companion. We encourage you to give us a call and come on in and meet Cyrus. We know you will fall in love with him, just as we have!

Side profile of Cyrus

And this is Cyrus being dashingly handsome.

Adopt Cyrus Today!

Pat Lowe, Dog Adoption Coordinator
Phone: 509-675-2539
Sanctuary Voice Mail: 509-684-1475
Email: dogs@colvillevalleyanimalsanctuary.com



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