CVAS Volunteers

Meet Some of Our Very Dedicated Volunteers!

Volunteers are the grease that keep this wonderful machine running, without them, CVAS couldn’t exist. Volunteering and helping the animals is such a rewarding experience, we hope you will join us!


Nancy Rose – Kennel Manager

Nancy is a full time Kennel Manager, living on the property.  She works 24/7  watching over the Sanctuary and it’s charges.  Many of her hours are spent feeding, cleaning and transporting the animals to veterinary appointments.  She also handles many of the adoptions.  In the winter she hauls buckets of water to replenish the dog kennel water buckets.

Bob Wright – President

A volunteer with endless energy, Bob spends countless hours making repairs and additions to the facility and maintaining the grounds. Bob recently built a new cat and kitten nursery building. Our kennels would fall apart without him. Thank you Bob.

Pat Lowe – Vice President

Pat started as a volunteer after reading an article in the Silverado about the Sanctuary, the work they are doing for the animals in Stevens County and about how much they needed volunteers.  Pat believe’s in CVAS’s mission and regarding her volunteer work she says: “it has been the most rewarding choice I have made in a long time.”

Jennifer Mott – Treasurer

Jennifer has been rescuing animals since she was a child.  She has had, birds, lizards, snakes, puppies, kittens and baby goats all in her home at one time or another.  She is married to Kevin, and they have a wonderful daughter, Josie.  Jennifer has taught Josie the meaning of life and love with the many rescued animals that have entered their lives.

Pam Smith – Secretary

Pam is a very dedicated volunteer with the cat group.  She and Lorraine have made countless trips to other adoption facilities in the Seattle area, taking our cats and kittens so they have a better chance for getting their “forever” homes.

JoAnn Emmett – Director

JoAnn became involved with the Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary about four years ago when a starving and near-death mastif showed up at her home. She likes to spend time at the shelter walking and working with the dogs. The last animal she took home to train as a therapy dog ended up being adopted by Boeing as a Bomb sniffer since she was also working with him for the possibility as a search and rescue dog.

Lorraine Schanzenbach – Cat Rescue & Care

Lorraine works mainly with cats and spends many hours out in the field rescuing sick, injured and homeless animals.  She also spends days at the shelter, cleaning, feeding and medicating our animals.  Lorraine originally was with Stevens County Cat Care, an organization that provides a monthly low-cost spay/neuter clinic.  As you can see, Lorraine also loves the sanctuary puppies.

Sandy Bedford – Cat Adoption Coordinator

Sandy, a retired health care professional, has devoted her time to caring for homeless, neglected or unwanted cats. She and her husband, Alan, have cared for many cats and kittens at the shelter and in their home. Regarding her work at CVAS, Sandy says: “Animal rescue and shelter care is the hardest job you’ll ever love!”

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