Adoption Process

We will help coordinate animal adoptions and are here to ensure successful matches for both the animal and adopting family. The adoption process is fairly simple:

1. Search for your pet:

2. If you are interested in adopting one of our animals, please call or email us to set up an appointment to meet with the animal and your adoption counselor:

Pat Lowe, Dog Adoption Coordinator
Phone: 509-675-2539
Sanctuary Voice Mail: 509-684-1475

Sandy Bedford, Cat Adoption Coordinator
Phone: 509-684-6040

3. If you like the animal you meet, you will then fill out an adoption application and contract. Your application will be reviewed with the goal of finding the best possible match between the animal and adopting family.

4. Once you are approved, you can take the animal home (in most cases).

5. Some animals do require a home check. If the animal you are interested in requires a home check, one of our group representatives will make an appointment to bring the animal to your home for a visit. Ultimately, our objective is to facilitate a successful placement that meets the needs of both the animal and the adopting family.

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