The Taming of a Kitty pt. 3

Sammie in her "safe" cave watching the evening activities

Sammie in her “safe” cave watching the evening activities

It’s Sunday night at 10:30 and I’ve just put Sammie back in her closet for the night.  I’m pretty darn happy.  Sammie spent about eight hours total in the living room with us today.  Within her safe spot, her cave within a cave, she stretched, purred, kneaded, rolled on her back for her belly rubs and head butted.  Outside her cave she cuddled with my kitty, Hope, and cautiously watched the evening’s activities.


For one short period, too short to catch with the camera, she crossed the living room floor with her tail in the air – a happy, confident kitty!  Yes, she still on occasion will swat and hiss if I am approaching her after a break – but they are now half-hearted hisses and swats.  I’m pretty optimistic that Sammie will make someone a loving, happy partner.  I would like her to find a home with another kitty though.  She does love her own kind!!!!  Perhaps one of her beautiful Siamese mix siblings?

sammie16It’s the morning of day nine and guess who is snuggled beside me as I type this?  Yes, it is Sammie! Monday and Tuesday Sammie spent all day in the living room.  She still needs her safe “cave” to retreat to but more and more she is hanging out in front of the fire and with my other kitties.  She is so submissive towards my cats that they are handling her presence very well.  I would leave her free to roam all night but I don’t want her to find the pet door and start exploring the outside!

I still use baby food when I initially reach for her in the morning and after long pauses between our contacts.  I can tell when she is ready to be petted because her little tongue will come out and lick her mouth.  So cute.  I was told yesterday that the hiss and swat routine is typical of Siamese cats (remember that Sammie has four Siamese mix siblings).  Maybe it will never go entirely away but when she is safe in her forever home, I think it will greatly diminish.  The rest of the time though, she is affectionate, purring and terribly sweet.  As I bend over to kiss her little head she reaches up to touch her nose to my face and with a gentle paw to pat me.  Aaaaaaah.  Sammie is only going to get better from here on out.  Can you help me find her that special person for her life?

It’s Thursday evening.  My husband and I spent today in Spokane so Sammie had to spend the day in her closet.  She was so happy to get out!!!  I still needed to coax her with a baby food offering but with just one lick I picked her up and carried her into the living room.  I lay down on the rug with her and she snuggled and cuddled – just couldn’t get close enough to me.  She kept rubbing her head against mine while purring and kneading.

Sammie loving her loves

Sammie loving her loves

Today is the end of the ten days that I was hoping would “bring Sammie around”.  And it has.  I know that it will take another week or two before she is really comfortable but I will keep her here until she finds that forever home.  I only want her to have to move one more time!

What I have learned is something that I always suspected.  These shy and often intimidating kitties, kitties that I have heard referred to as “nasty, kitties that so very often fall through the cracks are capable of becoming sweet, loving and loyal companions.  I’ve been truly blessed by Sammie’s love and trust.


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2 Responses to The Taming of a Kitty pt. 3

  1. Jessie says:

    Wow, thank you for taking the time to work with a kitty that most people would have given up on. SHe is so lucky to have you in her corner!!

  2. Teresa says:

    Thank you Jessie, now to find her just the right family :O)

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