Scenes from the Sanctuary

A few glimpses into our week last week!

First off, progress was make over the weekend, on the puppy cabin! The plywood sides are up and also the roof! They will cut the windows out again later!

Poor Bob is being blinded by the light, but you can see the roof taking shape!

We still need a few things before we can finish the cabin. If you can help us out with any of this we would appreciate it!

1.  600 sq. feet of R19 insulation on 16 inch centers
2.  720 sq feet of R38 insulation on 24 inch centers (or blown in insulation)
3.  composition roofing to cover 26 x 40 sq. feet.
4.  donated electrical materials and labor
5.  donated trencher or trac hoe to dig a water line

Thank you to Mandie Snyder for the donation of a 3′ entry door!


October Kitty Transport

Bill Schanzenbach, who is one of our board members, as well as a wonderful volunteer, made the 15 hour journey for us this month, to the westside. Pam Smith, also a board member, and one of our biggest champions for the kitties, spent hours on the phone and writing emails to our partner shelters, in order to get each kitty placed. She got all their paperwork ready, got them fed early Friday morning, then loaded up and ready to go.

Pam and Bill getting everyone loaded up and going over the details together.

All loaded up! There are 36 kitties in all. Bill is taking them to Delyn Kosbab who operates Kitty Harbor in West Seattle and has been a tremendous supporter of CVAS, and of Adrienne Buttelman of Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue. Several of these kitties went on to Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue. We could not keep going without the continuing help of these awesome women and their groups.

I thought I would show you why we are in need of new carriers! As you can see, several of our carriers are held together with plastic ties and duct type! We use dozens of carriers, not only for transport, but also as “kitty caves” in our kitty rooms, we use them for transporting to spay/neuter clinics, and many are loaned to foster families who care for our kitties in their own homes. If you can help us out with a few new carriers from our amazon wish list, we would be very grateful!


Ready Set Eat!

One of our volunteers Sue Seabolt sent me this image of kitten feeding time! This is how you do it, when you have ALOT of kitties! (this was taken a few days before the transport so many of these guys are in Seattle now).


Beautiful Seniors

Jack and Jill came to us recently, from the home where they have lived their entire lives. They are healthy, extremely social and sweet, 9 year old Russian Blues. Their elderly owners went into a nursing home, without making arrangements for their two beautiful kitties. We see this way too often! Thank goodness some alert neighbors noticed that they were abandoned and brought them to us.

They both purr and purr and purr. Jack “kneads” with happiness, and Jill has a sweet little purring trill that is delightful! They get along well with their ‘kitty’ room-mates and love people, as you can see!

They have been together their entire lives so it would be wonderful if they could find a home together. They are mellow kitties, and would do best as ‘indoor only’ kitties who can just lounge around, snuggle with their humans, soak up the sun and dream of mice.

These beautiful and gentle spirits will make wonderful companions! If you can give these sweet kitties a loving home, please give us a call! 509-684-1475. Between 10:30am an 4pm


Donations for Winter

We have received many donations through our Amazon Wish List as well as private donations that people have dropped off. I am trying to get an overview of what has been received and what has been dropped off and then will give you an update in my next blog post! Thanks to everyone who has contributed, to help see our animals through the coming winter!


About colvillevalleyanimalsanctuary

The Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned, neglected, and otherwise homeless companion animals. We provide both crisis and long-term sheltering, medical care, fostering, and adoption services - all with the goal of placing our animals permanently in safe and loving homes. We spay and neuter all of the animals in our care and actively promote, through financial donations and community support, the effort to reduce the number of unwanted animals in Stevens County. By example and through education, we promote and advance the values of responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals.
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