Puppy Cabin Progress

…has been aggravatingly slow to put it plainly. We did get the foundation poured. Here is Randy, Walt and Bob (our President) doing the actual pouring.


Our problem is not the money (at least not for the cabin rebuild, we raised money for that) the problem is that we are having trouble getting the ‘go ahead’ to finish. Our President, Bob Wright, has been meeting with the planning commission trying to get the ‘all clear’ so that we can go forward with the building, but it seems that there is a small area of “wet lands” in the farthest area of the property.  Bob is now working with a wetlands delineation specialist to make sure that we are not causing a problem for the small patch of wetlands and says that we should hear something hopefully within the next 2 weeks.
This probably wouldn’t be such a big deal if we weren’t so desperate for space! We are completely full, actually we are more than full, because it is so hard to turn anyone away. To see that empty foundation just sitting there when we could be making good use of it, is quite frustrating.


So, to sum it up, we’ve got this lovely foundation all ready for a building. We have all the parts to the cabin built and ready to be put together. We have the helpers to do it. We just need the ‘go ahead’. We have no idea when, or if, we will actually get it!

We’ll keep you informed, keep your fingers crossed for us!



About colvillevalleyanimalsanctuary

The Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned, neglected, and otherwise homeless companion animals. We provide both crisis and long-term sheltering, medical care, fostering, and adoption services - all with the goal of placing our animals permanently in safe and loving homes. We spay and neuter all of the animals in our care and actively promote, through financial donations and community support, the effort to reduce the number of unwanted animals in Stevens County. By example and through education, we promote and advance the values of responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals.
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