Why is it?

Why does it always take horrid acts of violence and cruelty to teach us right from wrong?

Why is it that so many have to suffer and die before we see the light?

Why is it that so many humans seem to lack the basic ability to empathize or to feel compassion for the creatures that share this planet with us?

Why is it that so many humans lack the basic understanding that ALL creatures feel?

All creatures crave love and affection, all creatures need companionship, all creatures need to feel safe, all creatures feel pain equally, all creatures deserve to be free and deserve to live their lives in peace.

All creatures deserve to BE what they were put here on this Earth to be…and NO creature, including man, has the right to dictate which shall live and which shall die.

Are we GOD?

Why is it that there seems to be such a huge lack of humanity within the human race?

What is wrong with us?

RIP Lennox….

We hope that your death will not be in vain. We pray that the tragedy that was your life, will finally help the world to see that discrimination is NEVER the answer!


About colvillevalleyanimalsanctuary

The Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned, neglected, and otherwise homeless companion animals. We provide both crisis and long-term sheltering, medical care, fostering, and adoption services - all with the goal of placing our animals permanently in safe and loving homes. We spay and neuter all of the animals in our care and actively promote, through financial donations and community support, the effort to reduce the number of unwanted animals in Stevens County. By example and through education, we promote and advance the values of responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals.
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