Kittens Here, Kittens There… Kittens Everywhere!

Spring is in the air which means that it is kitten season! Here at the Sanctuary we are bursting at the seams with cats and kittens in all sizes, shapes and colors. We don’t have most of the cats we have available listed on PetFinder of Adopt-a-Pet because we simply haven’t had the time, but give us a call if you think a new cat or kitten is just what you need, we can certainly hook you up!

Pam and Lorraine recently made another run to the West-side with an SUV full of kitties. Two of those precious carriers contained mothers with their new born kittens.

In one case, the kittens had been born only a few hours before!

One of our Mama Kitties, Pippy, was due to have her babies about the time our transport to NOAH was scheduled.  We were hoping to get Pippy there before the babies were born as our shelter was already full and busting at the seams with cats and kittens.  Late in the night, just a few hours before Pam and Lorraine were scheduled to leave, the babies started to arrive.  It became obvious that Pippy was having trouble delivering them, a breech birth was the deciding factor in making an emergency trip to the Colville Animal Hospital where Dr. Mary Danley did an emergency caesarean section to save mother and kittens.

Nancy, our kennel manager, was there during the whole procedure and stayed until they could be safely brought back to the Sanctuary, which was about 3:00am.  When Pam and Lorraine arrived at the Sanctuary at 6:30am it was decided that Pippy and her little ones would still go to NOAH.  The fear of the newborns staying at the shelter and possibly catching an upper respiratory infection, which is possible in any crowded shelter, validated the trip to NOAH where they were scheduled to go directly to a foster home.

So Pippy and little ones were made comfortable in a carrier and placed between Pam and Lorraine where they could be constantly monitored.  As you can see, Pam was kept busy feeding the new little arrivals until Pippy was comfortable enough to take over.  All arrived safe and sound to a very experienced foster parent, who has since told us that they are all doing just great.

But they also had another little family on board!This is Hibiscus and her 7 two-day old kittens. They also were scheduled to go to a wonderful foster home.  Their carrier was right behind Pippy’s so Pam could keep a close eye on them.  Hibiscus and her kitties were just great, calm and collected.  The constant hum of the engine seemed to sooth them and kept them sleeping and eating.

Meanwhile, back at the Sanctuary, were filled to bursting yet again!


About colvillevalleyanimalsanctuary

The Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of abandoned, neglected, and otherwise homeless companion animals. We provide both crisis and long-term sheltering, medical care, fostering, and adoption services - all with the goal of placing our animals permanently in safe and loving homes. We spay and neuter all of the animals in our care and actively promote, through financial donations and community support, the effort to reduce the number of unwanted animals in Stevens County. By example and through education, we promote and advance the values of responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals.
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