Featured Pets of the Week – Meredith and Banjo

This week we’ve got Banjo and Meredith. Meredith has been with us for 2.5 months and Banjo has been with us for 3 months (that’s a long time for a young animal who doesn’t understand why he/she suddenly found himself in an animal shelter!) They are both young adults who are happy and healthy and so ready to find a loving family.  Here is more on these two awesome adoptable pets.

banjoThis happy boy is Banjo, a one year old lab/pit mix. He is high energy, loves to play, great with kids, and good with other dogs. Banjo would do well with an active family that could give him plenty of jobs to do and lots of belly rubs (his favorite)! He needs a big fenced yard to match his energy level, and since he loves to chase would not do well around cats, chickens, or other livestock. Banjo
knows some commands, like sitting and waiting for his food, and would be an amazing agility dog. Please call for more information on how to meet Banjo.
Suggested Adoption Donation: $150.00

meredith2This pretty girl is Meredith, a one year old light grey tabby looking for her forever home. Meredith is a friendly girl who loves hanging out by your side or in your lap for petting and loving. A great companion kitty!

Meredith loves to play with other cats and is good with kids. She hasn’t had experience with dogs yet, but we think she would probably be fine with cat-friendly dogs.

Do you have room in your home for this little sweetheart? Please give us a call for more information on the lovely Meredith.
Suggested Adoption Donation: $25.00


**Due to a shortage of volunteers we have had to change our operating hours. We are open Tuesday thru Saturday from 1pm-4pm. We prefer “by appointment” so please give us a call to arrange a time to visit us. We apologize for having to do this but it was necessary in order to make sure that we have enough time to care for all the animals each morning. If you’d like to help, we’d love to have you!**

If you’d like to come out and meet our animals, please give us a call at (509) 684- 1475, we hope to see you soon!

The Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, spaying/neutering and adoption of homeless and neglected companion animals in Stevens County.

To find out more about us, and to see more of our adoptable dogs and cats, please visit our website at: http://www.colvillevalleyanimalsanctuary.com or join us on our very active FaceBook page: http://www.facebook.com/cvasanctuary

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Purrcy’s Sunday Scoop – I’m Melting, Chicken Baby Food, Big Black Cats and Thank You!

Happy Sunday Morning!…Purrcy Here with this week’s Sunday Scoop.

11695523_835223079894330_4158075001278327722_nI am sure you all remember the Wizard of OZ and the Wicked Witch who cried out, “I’m melting!… Melting! …Oh, what a world!… What a world!”… Well that was definitely me today…it was so hot I collapsed on the floor like a sack of potatoes and cried out, ” I’m Melting…melting!!!”. I must say, I don’t think Becca was very sympathetic…she told me UPS was bringing a package and it was my job to guard it until she could get it opened.

As you can see by the cheerful look on my face, I was not done relaxing and MELTING… but duty calls and who would keep the Chicken Baby Food safe if not me??? OH well, my responsibilities are never finished.

11659557_835223319894306_5360000230342474510_nI do want to take this moment to say THANK YOU to everyone who sent baby food through Amazon. I’m sorry I do not have any names, Amazon doesn’t tell us who the packages are from, but Thank You all so much! You know who you are!


My friend Blackie. He looks especially good on Lime Green. I know he will love his new home with Rusty.

Last Wednesday a really nice woman named Rusty came by the shelter to bring a box of toys for our dogs. They had belonged to her dog before he passed away, it was so nice of her to think of our dogs. While she was here she also wanted to adopt a Big Black Cat! Well, you know of course she was really thinking of ME but we assured her that my jobs were many and it would be impossible to replace me BUT, we have many other very wonderful big black cats (maybe not QUITE as wonderful as me but very close!).

Becca took her through the cat kennels and yes she found the perfect boy… BLACKIE!, who is a good friend of mine and is a truly Awesome and Beautiful Big Black Cat! I immediately started helping her fill out the adoption contract, I didn’t want Blackie to miss out on this fantastic home.

11249028_835224216560883_1730062481865970804_nI know our Webmistress Teresa, mentioned a few of our dogs are taking obedience classes – they are trying so hard to learn! This is a picture of Aspen, learning the “down” command… at least I think she is learning it (it is hard to tell with dogs sometimes). Aspen is really sweet, I know some day soon a great forever home will come her way.

11400987_835225556560749_8529284042833183080_nI also wanted to thank those who adopted some of our kittens during our Kittenpalooza event, we are so thrilled they now have new forever homes. We still have many more who are ready to go and hoping to find their new forever homes.

19020_835228243227147_2539670586401137186_nWell I have to sign off for now, Becca is distracting me with belly rubs, she will do anything to get me away from the computer.

Stay cool during this very icky hot weather, I want to be sure you will be around for next Sunday’s Scoop.

Purrcy Over and Out….

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Purrcy’s Sunday Scoop – Disaster Evacuation Plan, New Volunteers and Expanding Waistlines

Good Morning Everyone….Purrcy Here with Purrcy’s Sunday Scoop..

First of all…10640991_832131603536811_1271701836962398581_nHappy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there!

It has been another busy week and my duties have increased once again, but before I enlighten you on my new responsibilities I want to tell you about our Disaster Evacuation Plan.

One of our volunteers, who just happens to be an ex-firefighter, came to the sanctuary and showed us all the areas that we would have to clear of brush in order to give the sanctuary better fire protection in the event of a wild fire. We especially need to remove a lot of brush from behind the dog kennels. We could certainly use some help from any of you fun-loving brush cutters out there!

1888592_832131936870111_7017429849696648872_n 11224171_832132020203436_157978916154266327_n

Our next mission was to decide how we would actually evacuate all our cats and dogs from the property, I really had to put my thinking cap on to solve this situation.

10150803_832134883536483_2752990187371387154_nWe have all of our dog crates ( 40 crates) loaded on to our ” Big Tex Trailer”. One dog will be put into each well-secured crate and taken to the fair grounds to a designated building. The cats will also go into crates, possibly two cats per crate, depending on the number of cats we have at the time. I will be directing the entire operation and WILL NOT be riding in a crate with the other cats, rather I will ride shotgun in the transport vehicle (aka…our old van).

Because we have so many cats …anywhere from 60 to 100… They are going to be taken to a designated facility in Chewelah. We will have a phone-tree established in order to get all our volunteers here quickly to start moving all our animals. We hope we never have to implement this plan but everyone keeps telling us how dry it is and that this is going to be a Fire Danger Year. If anyone out there who lives close to the sanctuary wants to be on the calling tree list, just let Nancy or Becca know (684-1475).


I am interviewing Teresa C. who would like to volunteer with us. She already knows chin rubs and understands that I need to sample the food from the dishes to make sure it is ok for the other cats to eat…she’s a keeper!

One of my new responsibilities is to interview prospective volunteers. I had such a nice time interviewing Teresa C. , after I went over the paper work with her she immediately started giving me the chin rubs… a very quick learner. I explained how I must sample many of the food dishes as she is fixing them for the other cats… she understood completely! Teresa also adopted Chica (one of our one-eyed black cats)..Way to go Chica!


Chica was so happy that Teresa adopted her!

11193421_832139533536018_4520308306027950622_nLater during the day one of our young dogs, who was being considered for possible adoption, had to be tested for “cat compatibility”. Who else could do this job but ME. Becca must think I have all the time in the world! This little dog’s name is Mork… cute name! I had them bring Mork into the basement where I could assess him. I didn’t really mean to stick my tongue out when I saw him, but you know…he’s a DOG…I couldn’t help it. Anyway, I did my flop on the floor routine to see his reaction…. he just sat there looking at me and then looked away like he did not know what I was.

11063846_832140313535940_5954655155055273364_nThen he wanted water, well I had to let him know who would take the first drink, but all in all he seems to be a great little guy (for a dog). I wouldn’t want him as MY brother but he will make a good companion.

11220913_832140993535872_1240973864956789415_nAnd then, to top my week off, can you believe Becca took a picture of me during such a personal time??? while I was WEIGHING myself !!!?? Honestly, I get so tired of people commenting lately about the expansion of my waistline. It’s muscle people…muscle is heavier than fat. With all the work I do around here of course I am beefing up!

10150654_832141660202472_3306237475495619513_nPlease Remember, if anyone would like to spend a day of bush-whacking…literally… we could sure use the help. Bring your friends, they will love it!  Give us a call if you’d like to help: 509-684-1475.

Before I sign off… I want to thank all our wonderful volunteers for all the hard work you do for us in so many ways. We don’t thank you enough, but please know that you are so appreciated.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone……….Purrcy Out until next week..

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Weekly Featured Adoptable Pets – Kittens!

This week is all about kittens!

We have approximately 30 kittens that are between the ages of 8-13 weeks old and they are ready for adoption. They are all friendly, playful, healthy, adorable kittens looking for loving homes. Here are just a few of our kittens. Please give Becca a call for more information. 509-684-1475
Suggested Adoption Donation: $45.00 ea.
This INCLUDES spay/neuter and vaccinations.




Princess Sofia














Another litter that is available for adoption.

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