Purrcy’s Sunday Scoop – Bears, Panthers, and Awesome Volunteers

Good Morning! Purrcy Here ….. time for another Purrcy’s Sunday Scoop…

We had a lot of excitement last Wednesday…we had BEAR visitors, yes that is correct, two bears came to eat the apples off the tree and unfortunately they did do a little bending of our new fence. It was decided to move that portion of the fence below the apple trees to help keep it from being damaged by the those pesky apple eaters. Actually the bears were very entertaining and showed great manners…their mother taught them well, and I would notice such things.

11986370_867941559955815_2076564110643771154_n11949140_867941639955807_8083247441409543509_nWe were actually very surprised that the dogs did not start barking like crazy…Not a single “ARFF” could be heard. When they saw the bears they were as quiet as church mice…as if they were trying to be invisible!!! Yes, I could tell that it was going to be up to me (as usual) to take care of the situation and get the bears to move on….when a dangerous situation arises…don’t worry…PURRCY can handle it.

11987018_867942036622434_8935163688826205717_nAs I slowly stalked out the door and through the grass with my eyes aglow…I huffed and I puffed until I was huge like a panther .. my meaning was clear…”Move On Bears, I am in charge” and guess what? THEY DID!!!!

11986352_867942579955713_8724847726133792177_n11951162_867942653289039_2469605396218706315_nWell, after that exhausting bit of work was done, it was time to go back and have a relaxing cup of coffee, kitty-style… with lots of milk….

11988740_867943149955656_5343041825064132558_nI believe I introduced you to Scarlet a few Sundays ago.. .She is in training to hold the fort down just in case I am needed elsewhere or am on vacation. She has mastered lying on the table next to the food… and sleeping… and she has mastered checking the canned kitty food..

1908033_867943323288972_5386819446377150204_n…but what I really need her to do is the “Buddha Pose“. Here I am demonstrating but she just does not seem to get it. Oh well we will keep working on it.

11951978_867943496622288_3987013847443895175_nActually Scarlet has been at the shelter for a couple of years now because she is really really CRANKY. We thought she might be happier if she spent more time with me and my naturally bubbly and outgoing personality.

11947672_867943626622275_1498297201908600576_nI’ve got to admit we have the most wonderful volunteers here at the shelter and whenever I can, I will be taking pictures and introducing them to you. This lovely lady is Teresa…I know we caught her eating but she needed to re-fuel, she works so hard…she comes in 2 days a week and works with us kitties making sure we have plenty of food and that our rooms and cages are clean and comfy with fluffy blankets and also TOYS and CATNIP! Thank you Teresa we sure appreciate all you do! CVAS Volunteers are the best

11935018_867943859955585_7273915189790433214_nOne more update on little Taz… The day is quickly approaching when he will be neutered and then off to his new potential forever home. He has the most outgoing personality and energy galore… I get tired just listening to him play non-stop in his kennel.

11951229_867943953288909_8534885178751857348_nWell I need to catch up on my sleep in case our BEARS come back and I am needed to send them packing back up the hill.

Purrcy Over and Out until next Sunday….Ya’ll stay safe now…..and love on your fur babies at home.

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Purrcy’s Sunday Scoop – Fires and Shelter Evacuation!

11836890_857468134336491_3711327624075861649_nPurrcy Here ….. on this very SMOKEY Sunday Morning……. I am broadcasting from the shelter and let me tell you… what a night we had Friday night and into the early hours of Saturday morning.

We heard about the fire in Addy, never thinking it would get this far…. Then about 10:00 PM Friday night, we saw flames way up on the ridge on the other side of Hwy 395. We knew it must be about 4 to 5 miles away but we did not know how fast it was travelling.

I instantly took up my position on my red blanket in Becca’s chair and took charge! I had to make an executive decision to call in as much help as I could. Nancy, Linda S. and husband Rick, Becca, Pat and Katie & son John, all came to evacuate.


All of our cats (except me and a few others who would not handle the stress of the evacuation well) are in these two vehicles along with food and other necessities and were taken to a pre-arranged building in Chewelah.

This is something that we have never had to do before and even though we THOUGHT we had a great evacuation plan, never did we realize how long it would take us to crate 100 + cats and dogs. Among many other things, we learned that we need more help in a situation like this.


Linda and Nancy loading dogs into Pat’s horse trailer.

The cats were taken to a pre-arranged building in Chewelah and the dogs (in crates) were loaded into Pat’s horse trailer to spend what was remaining of early Saturday morning in the safety of her yard. Our momma cat and her 4 one-day old newborns made it through the evacuation and are now in a wonderful foster home with Heather.

11890926_857468584336446_343163027572378173_nOn Saturday morning, after posting on Facebook about our need for a large building to house our dogs, a barn was instantly offered (actually several were instantly offered!).

We cannot thank all who responded enough, within about 5 minutes of our posting asking for help, the post had been “Shared” nearly 75 times and Pat’s phone was ringing off the hook with offers to help! I want you all to know that we are keeping all of your contact numbers, we promise not to call you in the middle of the night…not unless it is an extreme emergency. We hope you don’t mind but we have learned that no matter how well planned out, unexpected things are bound to happen!

This was a very frightening experience, but one that taught us ALOT about how to improve our Evacuation Plan. We may not always have as much time to evacuate as we did this time, thankfully the fire kept changing direction. It took us about 4 hours to get the animals crated and evacuated. We are not completely out of the woods as the Addy fire is not contained.

We feel so sorry for all those in our community who have lost homes, livestock and belongings to these awful fires, hopefully we will NEVER have another summer season like this again.


Kane, one of our puppies, had to come in and say goodbye to me before leaving for his forever home. I know it LOOKS like I am about to smack him on the nose, but I am here to tell you it was NOT a smack…it was a love tap…just a little Goodbye…honest! =^..^=

On a happier note, we said goodbye to Kane…one of our pesky little puppies who was recently adopted and was leaving for his new forever home. He just HAD to come in and say goodbye to me (I don’t know why all these dogs seem to like me and always want to give me big slobbery kisses!). I really do not have time for all the Goodbye mushy stuff, I did wave him a little Goodbye….he is pretty cute for a dog!

I’m sorry this is a bit short…honestly we are all a little traumatized. Next week I will have some pictures of what some wonderful Boy Scouts did for the sanctuary…stay tuned!

Purrcy Over and Out…..Oh I forgot to mention….I did NOT just hop into a crate to be evacuated with all the other animals….Nope, I stayed…. just like a Captain in a big ship…giving directions and making sure everyone was out safely….. just call me Captain Purrcy… =^..^=

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Purrcy’s Sunday Scoop – Many Goodbyes, New Arrivals, and Torti-tude

10640991_832131603536811_1271701836962398581_nYep…Sunday Morning and here I am, Purrcy… with this week’s edition of Purrcy’s Sunday Scoop…………

I have some very sad news to share this morning. I know that many of you remember little Alf…He came to us many months ago. When he arrived at the shelter it was obvious he had some serious health problems, Mega-colon to be exact…. We were told that this could possibly be corrected with surgery when Alf got older, but in the meantime it would take a lot of love, care and special nutrition to get him to that point.


Becca giving Alf daily sitz baths as part of his therapy.

He was doing really well on his special diet and medication, he felt better and was so playful all this time, as many a volunteer will attest to as they would have to wrangle with him during his kennel cleaning. He suddenly took a turn for the worse on July 29th and was taken to his veterinarian. Through her examination Dr. Kam explained about all the scar tissue that had built up in his colon making his condition very serious, and surgery may be the only resort, but in her heart she knew he would not survive the surgery.

A very hard decision had to be made by us, to let him pass peacefully without suffering, even though it broke our hearts and selfishly we did not want to let him go. On Friday 7/31 we said goodbye to little Alf.

The one thing I have learned since my rescue and my time living here at the sanctuary…there are so many wonderful rewarding times when adoptions take place, but the pain of losing one of our precious little lives is sometimes more than we think we can bare, but our wonderful volunteers keep on rescuing, while never forgetting those lost.

11825981_854004741349497_3054103790464683547_nR.I.P little Alf.

Last Thursday we were very fortunate to have 36 of our cats and kittens go on a transport to the Seattle Humane Society in Seattle. They are having a really big adoption event this weekend and opened their doors for our cats to join in the event. Last Wednesday Becca was busy getting carriers and paper work in order, I was examining all the carriers to make sure they were clean and put together properly.

11811347_854015188015119_808483647484877200_n11836634_854016548014983_194711191934561364_nCan’t you just see it now, without my help, 36 cats loose and jumping around while Susan is trying to navigate through traffic. My responsibilities are so varied and critically important, I just can’t express it, I keep telling Becca that this place would totally fall apart without my efforts…she just rolls her eyes and pats me on the head. Anyway, where was I…oh yes…Susan has loading her car down to a science, yes she will squeeze them all in…and because of my critical examination of the carriers (and the little goodies I smuggle into each one to keep the kitties entertained)…everyone will be cozy and safe.

11811411_854020014681303_5481705116693557872_nLook what came through our doors the other day, yes two little, itty-bitty kittens. They are now with Helen, one of our foster moms. Oh boy is she going to have a lot of sleepless nights as they need to be fed every 2 hours around the clock!

11866272_854029351347036_175337696409186952_nNo way is Becca ever going to get me to care for orphaned kittens…if I don’t have my 20 hours of beauty sleep every day, I’m a total mess. I have alot of respect for people who foster. They are all heroes!

One of our volunteers is moving, far, far away so she will not be able to continue to volunteer. I know she is going to miss us, I will miss her telling me how handsome I am. I will miss you…you know who you are!

11831794_854037321346239_7420291136074915624_nI am now babysitting Scarlett. She has been at the sanctuary for a very long time because she is so hard to get along with (it’s what we cats refer to as Torti-tude, she has it bad). She does like me though (naturally) so I am letting her follow me around. Becca thought I would be such a great influence on her, who knows… maybe I can sweeten her personality.

Scarlet (new)14By the way, I just have to add that Torties with extreme torti-tude are really not so bad, they are mostly just misunderstood. There are special people out there who totally “get” torties… who love them, can befriend them and live very happily with them. We know there is someone out there like that for Scarlett.

Time to get back to work, we never know what the next phone call is going to bring, but I will be here on the front lines to report it all to you!

Purrcy over and out until next time.

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Purrcy’s Sunday Scoop – Adoptions, Elk Updates, Weight Loss and Admirers

11228126_850779335005371_5469281443367621724_nYes, it’s Sunday Morning again (sooo soon) and that means it’s time for another Purrcy’s Sunday Scoop….

Even though, as you can see, I am just buried under paperwork I do have a lot to share today, I just have to open my eyes and get with it.

First is an update on Amazing George (also known as Snuggle Bug). He is now eating, Lorraine is jumping with joy at seeing his little head in the food bowl eating his AD prescription food.

11781866_850779541672017_4647371303324795851_nAmazing George also had some visitors last Wednesday, it was a beautiful reunion of two of his guardian angels, Kathryn and Pat who day after day and night after night fed the 19 kitties after the tragic fire in Elk. They were so happy to see him improving, he was so matted and sick they did not think he would last the night the day he was rescued, now he is purring and eating.


15 of the 19 Elk cats went to the Stevens County Cat Care spay/neuter clinic last Sunday. Their severely matted coats were shaved, they were spayed/neutered, vaccinated and each was checked by a veterinarian. They look so cute in their new Lion cuts. They are now starting on a new road to a new life. These cats will never really know all the love, prayers and sacrifice that went into their survival during the month after the fire, a neighborhood of women who pulled together to save their lives.


We had some great adoptions this week. Little Carmel and Brindle were adopted and went home to start their new life with new sister’s Mattie and Ellie, now that is what I would call a house full of Chihuahua’s. They are going to be spoiled, I Purrcy who knows all, can just see it now.

11220927_850795935003711_5946855213446970676_n11800512_850798655003439_1847738386459971796_nLittle Amy went home with her new family on the same day. This is also a new forever home made in heaven, love at first sight. Wednesday was definitely small dog adoption day. Have I ever mentioned how noisy small dogs are!!! Now maybe I can get some sleep.

11800278_850801778336460_1755229322134030543_nOMG what a scare I had..I sat on the scale and I lost a pound!!! I am now just a little over 11 lbs. OMG where is the food!!!… I could starve. This is all Becca’s fault…she keeps me just too busy.. I am constantly burning calories, I need to slow down!!



A big hunky muscular kitty like me should weigh at LEAST 14lbs…maybe even 16lb…Becca tells me I am dreaming…. No one understands me.


Ahhh, that’s better…I need to learn to pace myself so as not to burn so many calories and to stop every few minutes (between jobs) to recharge with a little snack…


These are my Emergency Rations…just in case Becca overworks me again.

I am sure you all saw our posting the other day about the senior dog that was found on Bodie Mountain Rd and Onion Creek Rd… well she was found again, this time running down the highway where she nearly got hit. Some kind people picked her up and brought her to us yesterday. She is an older girl who needs some real TLC.. She is keeping Becca company for now, We just never know from day to day when an animal is going to come through our doors needing help.

11826000_850807435002561_7473350734145581241_nI have admirers!… to prove it, just look at this big, beautiful bouquet of CATNIP just for me!! Yes, Jim loves me and really… what is not to love?…. It is so hard to be humble….thank you Jim

11781637_850808805002424_1586299394962918962_nWell it’s break-time, this reporting really drains me, I think I need to refuel….anyway, Purrcy over and out until next Sunday…

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