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These three little ones were really lucky as they grew up from the time they were just weaned, until they were old enough to be spayed/neutered, in our kennel manager’s living room.  Not so lucky for our kennel manager as they were a noisy little bunch and sleep was hard to come by.

Getting three little puppies ready for adoption – how hard could that be? Well actually getting them adopted was not hard at all but sometimes there is more to the story.

They came from the home of an elderly lady who lives in an area which is a convenient dumping ground for unwanted pets. Through the years she has saved many cats and dogs and even had them spayed and neutered when she could manage it.

Version 2


This wonderful woman contacted CVAS a few months ago because she realized there was no way she could care for these little pups. She also knew that getting these 3 pups as well as their mom all spayed and neutered was going to be beyond her capabilities.

When Nancy went to meet these little puppies she was able to understand the full gravity of the situation for this elderly lady. To really help, it meant not just taking these puppies but also someone needed to help her get the few remaining cats and dogs that were not already spayed/neutered to a veterinarian. Realization that one person cannot save them all finally hit home for this wonderful woman. CVAS learned this long ago…we could never save all the animals that come to our doors without the help of our supporters.



With Nancy’s help transporting the remaining animals to and from the spay/neuter appointments, this woman no longer has to worry about unexpected litters of kittens and puppies to feed, spay/neuter and find homes for. She knows that we are only a phone call away should a cat or dog find their way to her door after being abandoned.

As soon as Sissy, Sassy and Scooter were old enough they were spayed/neutered, vaccinated and gotten ready for adoption. We did have a scare one morning when they appeared to be sick, but a trip to the vet confirmed it was just a little intestinal upset, not to worry. Up for adoption they went!

I am happy to report that Sissy and Sassy went together to a wonderful home in the Spokane area and Scooter is now a Canadian citizen. His owner came all the way from Canada to take him home. What a great new life these little guys have to look forward to, what could be better!

Our kennel manager can now look forward to some quiet nights and hopefully get some sleep…at least for a little while.

CVAS learned years ago that the mission of Rescue requires many types of “help”. From the people who go out and physically rescue animals from bad situations, to the volunteers who feed, clean and care for the animals while they are at the shelter, to compassionate people who make it all possible with their support and donations. It takes each one of us to help those without a voice of their own.
Pat Lowe,
Donation Coordinator

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Featured Pets of the Week – Aspen and Oscar

aspen1Meet Aspen, a beautiful 6 year old Chow/Shar-Pei mix with a lovely brindle coat and sweet personality. Aspen is loving and definitely an alpha dog so we think she would do great in a one dog family where she can bond with her people.  She is currently in obedience classes and has already learned some commands.  Aspen is energetic, does well on a leash, and loves her walks.  She is not a fan of cats or small animals, she has a high prey drive. Does well with older children. Please give us a call for more information on sweet Aspen.
Suggested Adoption Donation: $150.00



Oscar3Meet Oscar, a cool cat looking for a new place to call home. He was left behind in Addy, but a kind person made sure he had a safe porch and food to eat. She had to move though, and didn’t want to leave him on his own again. Oscar is about 5 years old, talkative, likes being pet and giving love rubs. He is affectionate but definitely likes his independence so we think he would be great in an indoor/outdoor home. He was pretty matted from being outside through the winter, so might need some brushing, which he doesn’t mind, to maintain is coat. Please give us a call for more information on Oscar.
Suggested Adoption Donation: $25.00

**Due to a shortage of volunteers we have had to change our operating hours.
We are open Tuesday thru Saturday from 1pm-4pm. We prefer “by appointment”
so please give us a call to arrange a time to visit us. We apologize for having to
do this but it was necessary in order to make sure that we have enough time to
care for all the animals each morning. If you’d like to help, we’d love to have

If you’d like to come out and meet our animals, please give us a call at (509) 684-
1475, we hope to see you soon!

To find out more about us, and to see more of our adoptable dogs and cats,
please visit our website at: or join
us on our very active FaceBook page:

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CVAS Sunday Scoop – with Purccy

11148649_816406741775964_8912806202728512232_nPurccy Here!…And another wonderful Sunday Morning to you! It was another busy week for me at the sanctuary, I just do not know what Becca and Nancy would do without me.

First I want to you to know that I spent a lot of time on my Red Blanket as it was important for me to be ” large and in charge.”

13285_816406981775940_5847781839534773486_nI have become very proficient at filing – an ongoing job requiring extreme accuracy. I have rearranged the files so the letters C & K (Cats & Kittens) always come before D (dogs). It has been a little difficult teaching Becca the reasoning for this but she is SLOWLY catching on.

On Wednesday we got a call from Sherie at Walmart. There was a stray cat that appeared very terrified that had wandered into the store. It ran back out and hid behind the big box of water melons. We were asked to please come and catch it! Becca and Nancy loaded up a big dog crate and nets to catch this poor scared cat. It was not an easy job but finally – success! The big fear was that it would be struck by a car in the parking lot. We want to thank Walmart for allowing us to disrupt the people thumping the melons and the employee for wanting to keep this cat safe. Please note that Becca sent me to the table by the sanctuary door so I could make sure it would be open when they carried the crate in… Purccy at work again!

11231685_816407148442590_3753728421123337767_nWally… short for Walmart is the name given this poor terrified cat. He was put into a large kennel where we hope he will start to feel safe. He won’t let anyone touch him yet so we are giving him a few days to settle in. He has not eaten yet so we are keeping a close eye on that situation. Actually we do not know if Wally is a he or a she!

11295935_816407248442580_2902224324417273518_n11265482_816407415109230_6927124112577764326_nOf course we got a second visit from Susie with her litter of foster kittens. Time for their 2nd vaccinations, boy have they grown! They are finally starting to look like kittens should.


11053931_816407825109189_793654932578037897_nOh yes, you all heard about our transport to Seattle Humane Society. They took 16 cats and what was so great is that they were looking for adults as well. Susan D. sure knows how to pack her car with all these crates. Good job Susan!

I just want everyone to know that we still have one of the most wonderful dogs that is waiting to be adopted. Ali. A dog who will be loving, loyal and gentle. Alie likes to come into the basement to talk with me once in a while. I pointed out that the mop bucket was getting ready so floors could be mopped, did he want to help? That created a fast retreat!!!


13395_816408065109165_6647524441547680304_nLast but not least is Erica…here I was up on the windowsill, checking to make sure all the cat dishes were washed, what does she do? Gives my nose a flick, I love Erica. I love attention and the volunteers all do a great job making sure I get enough.

Whew..thank goodness this week is over..Purccy Out!

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Black Cats – What’s Not To Love?

blackie1Did you know that black cats have the lowest adoption rate and the highest euthanasia rate? Why? We’re not quite sure. Maybe it’s the superstition factor. Some people say they can’t see or make a connection with a black cat in a poorly lit kennel. And for folks browsing the internet for pets, black cats don’t always show up in photographs as well as their lighter colored brethren do

For whatever reason, black cats are statistically less likely to be adopted than more brightly colored felines.  At CVAS we love the black cats that have found their way to the Sanctuary!   We especially love them for their fun, quirky personalities and their beautiful shiny black coats whether sleek or fluffy.


Black cats are often ignored by some rescue groups because they are so hard to place. We currently have 20 plus of these wonderful cats at the sanctuary. These cats are often left waiting in pounds and shelters with hopes of finding a loving home, only to be destroyed once their time is up. CVAS does not discriminate based on color.  Its true that our black cats often take longer to find homes – and that they take up much needed space during this time, but our philosophy is that Black Cats need Love and a Safe Home too.

blackkittiesCould the Dark Myths of black cats that date back through the centuries be part of the problem? For those who are superstitious, Friday the 13th brings to mind things that are thought to bring them bad luck… walking under a ladder, broken mirrors, cracks in the sidewalk and a black cat crossing their path. By the middle ages black cats became associated with black magic and some superstitious souls felt that black cats were the incarnation of Satan… Let us skip ahead to the witch-hunt era where black cats were seen to be evil companions to witches. I guess we could go on and on quoting the dark side…….But lets look at other cultures and all the wonderful myths associated with black cats.

In Scotland, the Scots believe that a strange black cat on your porch brings good luck and prosperity. In the south of France, black cats are referred to as “magician cats.” According to local superstition, they bring good luck to owners who feed them well and treat them with the respect they deserve. Sailors in times of old, when looking for a ship cat would want a black cat to insure good luck. Fisherman’s wives would keep black cats at home in hopes they could use their influence to protect their husbands at sea. Here is the best good luck myth of all… it is believed in some cultures that a lady who owns a black cat will have many suitors. So all you single ladies out there – come and adopt a black cat or two.


If the myths about black cats being unlucky were true, CVAS would not have all the wonderful supporters who have helped us in so many ways over the years the only explanation for all this good luck is of course, we have so many black cats! When you love a black cat, luck is on your side!

blackcatNow let us give you some reasons to pick a black cat!

  • You can always find your black cat in the snow.
  • Black goes with everything – if you believe in color-coordination you know that is true.
  • A black cat will match any décor in your home, no redecorating necessary. They will look fantastic on any color cushion.
  • Black cats are distantly related to the black panther… their regal breeding is very apparent.
  • Black cats are majestic, mysterious and incredibly loving, loyal, intelligent and bring a little piece of the wild into your home and heart.
  • For those that are looking for barn cats, a black cat has a much better chance of hiding from the night predators and will have a better survival rate than more brightly colored cats.
  • Love knows no color! Your cat doesn’t care what color YOUR hair is!
  • And the # 1 reason to adopt a black cat is that Black Cats are the least likely to get adopted and have the highest euthanasia numbers. Please help us spread the word so Black cats in all shelters will have a better chance at finding a home rather than euthanasia.

fuzzy2Just remember this: A black cat crossing your path… signifies that the animal is GOING somewhere. – Groucho Marx 

~ Pat Lowe – Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary

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